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Our Hottest Menu

All Items are Gluten Free.

Spicy Villa Specialities

Kangaroo Tikka Masala           (Roo meat, capsicum & tomatoes in red tikka sauce.)          $24.90

Crocodile Masala        (Croc meat in rich cashew & coconut sauce with basil & mustard.)        $25.90

Sea Food Combination         (Prawns , scallops, fish & pumpkin in madras spices.)       $24.90

Archari Balti         (Beef , lamb or chicken with pickled jalapenos sauteed with capcicums, finished with brandy.)       $24.90

Lamb Shanks         (Cooked to perfection in Rogan sauce.)       $24.90


Chicken Tikka           (Boneless Chicken Grilled in Clay Oven with marination of tandoori spices and herbs.)          $9.90

Tandoori Chicken         (Free range spring chicken traditionally marinated in lemon yogurt and grilled in clay oven. )        $16.99

Lamb Cutlets         (cutlets in a herbal marination of basin,lemon juice,ginger and garlic grilled in clay oven.)       $13.90

Prawn Tandoori        (Ginger garlic marinated prawn cutlets with toasted nigella seeds grilled in clay oven. )       $14.90

Paneer Tikka        (Fresh cottage cheese with panch phoron spices skewered with red onions,capcisums and tomatoes.)       $12.90

Paneer Pakoda        (Toffu/paneer cubes with garlic chutney and spices dipped in chickpea.)        $8.90

Vegetable Samosa       (Homemade pasteries filled with vegetables and spices.)        $4.99

Meat Samosa        (Homemade pastries filled with minced meat sauteed with herbs and spices.)       $5.99

Onion Bhaji        (Fried Julienne onions mixed with spices and chickpea flour.Served with a date and tamarind chutney.)         $5.99

Papadum Platter        (Crispy fried papadum served with raita.)       $2.95

Eggplant Pakora        (Roasted eggplant mixed with spices and chickpea flour.)      $8.90

Veg Platter       (2 Samosas,2 onion bhajji,2 spring rolls and 1 Aalo Tikki. )       $12.90

Chicken/ Lamb platter       2( Lamb cutlets,2 chicken tikka,2 prawn tikki and 1 meat samosa.)     $18.90


Tandoori Roti           (Wholemeal Indianbread cooked in clay oven.)          $3.50

Plain Paratha         -------       $3.95

Paratha         (Cheese & Spinach / Cheese/Garlic Aloo.)       $4.50

Plain Naan        -------       $3.50

Garlic Naan        -------       $4.25

Garlic and Cheese Naan        -------       $4.95

Spinach Cheese Naan        -------        $4.95

Chilly & Herb Naan        -------       $4.25

Punjabi Naan      (Chicken and Spices.)         $4.50

Kashmiri Naan        (Coconut, Almond & Sultanas.)       $4.50

Keema Naan        (Mince & Herbs.)      $4.95

Prawn & Chilly Naan        -------       $4.50

Tuna & Cheese Naan        -------     $4.95

Chicken and Cheese Naan        -------     $4.95


Paneer Butter Masala           (Fresh Paneer cooked in creamy gravy of tomato butter & cashew sauce.)          $14.99

Palak Paneer        (Pureed spinach cooked with homemade cottage cheese.)        $14.99

Vegetable Korma         (Vegetables cooked in cashew sauce.)       $14.99

Shahi Paneer         (Our freshly made cheese in rich creamy cashew sauce.)       $14.99

Pumpkin Masala         (Butternut pumpkin cooked with mustard seeds & roasted spices.)       $14.99

Malai Kofta         (Cheese & potato dumplings cooked in mild creamy sauce.)       $14.99

Matar Paneer         (Fresh cheese cubes & green peas cooked in onion & tomato sauce.)       $14.99

Channa masala         (Tender chickpeas in spicy Rogan masala curry.)       $14.99

Bombay Aalo         (Diced sauteed potatoes with fresh curry leaves & nigella seeds.)       $14.99

Daal Makhni         (Mixture of channa, kidney beans & urad dal with variety of spices.)       $14.99

vegetable Jal Frezi         (Melange vegetables fried with fresh herbs & spices to create a dry thick sauce.)       $14.99

Vegetable Vindaloo         (Vegetables cooked in one of the hottest curries, blended with chilli & spices.)       $14.99

kalonji Eggplant         (Onion & tomato preparationwith eggplant & potatoes with negella seed.)       $14.99

Traditional Curries

Butter Chicken           (Tandoori grilled chicken cooked in butter & tomato sauce.)          $15.90

Korma        (Chicken /beef/ lamb cooked in rich cashewnut sauce.)       $15.90

Rogaan Josh         (Chicken/ beef/ lamb cooked in rich exotic thick spices.)       $15.90

Vindaloo         (Chicken / beef/ lamb cooked with potatoes cooked in hot vindaloo sauce.)       $15.90

Madraas         (Boneless chicken/ beef/ lamb cooked with potatoes & coconut cream.)       $15.90

Jelfrezi         (Chicken/ beef/ lamb cooked with capsicum,onions & tomatoes.)       $15.90

Saag         (Chicken/ beef/ lamb blended with fine spinach.)       $15.90

Mango Chicken         (Mango flavoured chicken curry.)       $15.90

Chicken Tikka Masala         (Chicken tikka cooked in onions & tomato curry.)       $15.90

Beef kashmiri         (Red beef curry cooked in dried fruits.)       $15.90

Lamb Dopiaza         (Lamb curry cooked with onion, black seeds and spices.)       $15.90

Birayani Rice

Birayani           (Basmati Rice Cooked with Herbs and Spices. )

Prawn        (Chicken /beef/ lamb cooked in rich cashewnut sauce.)       $18.50

Chicken,Lamb,Beef,Goat         -------       $15.90

Veg table         -------       $13.90

Streamed Rice         -------       $1.00 (Small) --- $1.50 (Regular)

Safron Rice        -------        $2.50 (Small) --- $4 (Regular)

Seafood curries

Prawn curry           (Prawns with coconut milk , curry leaves, nigella seeds and freshly ground punch phoron spices.)          $17.50

Prawn Vindaloo        (King prawns cooked in one of the hottest curry and blended with chilly and spices.)        $17.95

Butter prawns         (King prawns cooked in creamy sauce.)       $17.50

Prawn masala         (Prawns cooked wih curry sauce finished with tomato, capcicums and black sauce.)       $17.95

Scallop Madras         (Scallop meat and potatoes cooked in mild coconut curry with basil leaves.)       $17.95

Goat Curries

Your choice of Sauce


Korma / Vindaloo / Masraas / Saag / Kashmiri


Rice Pudding           (North indian traditional sweet cooked in almond milk with spices and sultanas.)          $4.50

Gulaab Jamun        (Milk based fried dumblins in light syrup..)          $4.50

Ras Malai         (Soft Spongy Paneer Balls floating in sweet.)       $4.50


Raita           -------         $3.50

Mango Pickle        -------       $2.50

Mango Chutney        -------       $2.50

Fresh Indian Salad        -------       $4.95


Ice Tea           -------         $4.50

Can of Coke/diet coke        -------       $2.50

Coke,Diet Coke,Sprite,Fanta        (1.25 L or 2L Bottle)       $4.95/6.50

Sweet lassi        -------       $3.95

Mango Lassi        -------       $4.50

Indian Tea        -------       $3.50